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Accounting for Self Employed & Contractors

From £30 monthly, no contracts!

Bookkeeping for Self Employed - £30.00 per month

  • Access to online accounting software from computer, tablet, mobile
  • Bookkeeping included
  • Online file upload for your invoices and other documents
  • Accounting and Tax advice
  • FREE Self Assessment for those who are with us for over 8 months in a given tax year. Otherwise there is an additional fee
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Accounting for Limited Company Contractors - £99.00 per month

  • Access to online, cloud based accounting software
  • Bookkeeping included
  • Online file upload for your invoices and other documents
  • Accounting and Tax advice
  • Monthly reports available upon request
  • Confirmation Statement (Annual Return) £13.00 annually to cover Companies House fee
  • FREE submission of Annual Accounts to Companies House + Corporation Tax Return for those who are with us for over 10 months in a given tax year. Otherwise there is an additional fee based on amount paid for services to date
  • FREE quarterly VAT Returns if you used this service during the VAT period. Otherwise there is an additional fee based on amount paid for services to date
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Additional Accountancy Services

  • Self Assessment: £150.00 - you provide your calculated income & expenses. For bookkeeping refer to our Self Employed service
  • Payroll: £5.00 per payslip plus £15.00 set up fee (no setup fee if you are signed to our Limited Company Contractor service)
  • Limited Company Set Up: £50.00 - covers Companies House fee + help with opening a business bank account
  • Annual Accounts submission + Corporation Tax Return: from £800.00 - Only for our non-existing clients. Get in touch a quote
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Accounting for Individuals & Limited Company Contractors

We offer dedicated accountancy services for individuals such as consultants, freelancers, contractors, primary health practitioners. who trade as a Limited Company or are Self Employed.

We understand that some employees may find accounting confusing or are too busy to keep their accounts up to date. We also know that accounting can be expensive to individuals who are Self Employed or those who work for an employer but trade as a Limited Company - sometimes they are unfairly treated as bigger businesses. That's why we created these affordable services, dedicated for individuals who are running a business made of only one employee (themselves) and are working as freelancers, contractors or consultants.

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No Contracts Accounting

At 100 Accounting, we are confident in our clients' satisfaction with the services and therefore we operate a no contract policy for our clients. We collect payments by direct debit on a monthly basis. If you don't want to use our services anymore or want to take a contract break all you have to do is let us know at least 14 days before the next payment is due and cancel your direct debit.

It really is that simple!

Pay less for accounting - our referral program

Existing clients can refer us to receive 10% off for every candidate that signs up for our services. The candidate will also receive a 10% discount on their service. Only applicable to the Self Employed and Limited Company Contractor services. If not a current client we can offer a 5% percentage of cash value for every successful signp. Contact us for more details.

Online Accounting Software

QuickFile is a cloud based accounting software which we use to take care of our clients' accounts. There is no need to install anything, all you have to do is go to your custom link made after registering an account. With our services you will receive access to a premium QuickFile account which we will help you set up.

Not only does it allow us access as your accountant to work on your accounts remotely, we are able to set up virtual workspaces to request files or information.

You will be able to upload all of your documents to the Receipt Hub from email, desktop or your phone. The live dashboard will show you information such as how much money you are due from customers, what your sales and expenses have been to date or your bank account balance. The software also allows users to raise invoices to their customers.

Your Responsibility

Our accountants take care of the bookkeeping, 100%, from A to Z.

All you have to do is supply us with the documents (bank statements, invoices, receipts) via our online document uploader. If we have any questions or need to follow up on some data we will get in touch with you so you will need to stay up to date with your mailbox in case we have an urgent enquiry.

We rely on your honesty and fairness when it comes to the documents you give us - remember that as a company director or self employed individual you are fully responsible for the accounts that are delivered to HMRC and Companies House.

Keep in touch

Communication is key to resolving issues and making sure both sides are happy. That's why we encourage our clients to keep in touch with us as we like to have a good working relationship with them. Whether you are an existing customer needing advice or you are just looking to find out more about our services talk to us.

We understand that people like to communicate in different ways and so we offer different ways of getting in touch with us.



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